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Why Kickboxing Should Be Your Next Fitness Obsession!

Kickboxing isn’t just about throwing punches and kicks – it’s a powerhouse workout that’s taking the fitness world by storm. And trust me, it’s worth a shot before you dismiss it. Here’s why:

1. Torch Calories Like a Pro:

Get ready to sweat buckets because kickboxing is a calorie-burning machine. With its high-intensity moves and bodyweight exercises like squats and burpees thrown into the mix, you can kiss those stubborn calories goodbye. Depending on your effort level, you could torch anywhere from 700 to 1000 calories in just one hour!

2. Cardiovascular Boost:

Say hello to improved cardiovascular health! Each class typically consists of several 3-minute rounds, giving you the perfect balance of intensity and rest. Stick with it, and you’ll notice your endurance skyrocket and your recovery time shrink faster than you can throw a jab.

3. Build Muscle:

Forget about stiff and bulky muscles – kickboxing is all about sculpting a toned physique. While you’re busy throwing punches and kicks, you’re also engaging your core, chest, back, and leg muscles. The result? Increased muscular endurance and strength without the bulk.

4. Stress Relief Extraordinaire:

Had a rough day? Punch and kick your stress away! Many folks, especially women, are turning to kickboxing as their go-to stress-buster. It’s like therapy, but with gloves on. Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than releasing all that pent-up tension on a punching bag. You’ll leave the class feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders – literally.

5. Safety First:

Worried about taking a hit? Don’t be. KBF50 group classes and PT focus on the fun and effective aspects of training without the need for sparring. So you can enjoy a killer workout without worrying about bruised egos – or bodies.

6. Boost Your Confidence:

While kickboxing won’t turn you into a superhero overnight, it can give you the confidence and skills to handle yourself in tricky situations. From learning proper technique to building mental resilience, kickboxing empowers you both physically and mentally.

So, what are you waiting for? Give kickboxing a whirl! Worst-case scenario, you’ll discover it’s not your cup of tea. But chances are, you’ll unleash your inner warrior and never look back. Say hello to a new era of workouts!

Ready to dive in? Take advantage of our special offer for first-timers at KBF! Message us on social media or shoot us an email at to claim your spot."


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